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Jurassic Park 3 stinks. But I like it more than The Lost World. But, Jurassoc Park 3 was too short.

Eric Koston rules. Bucky Lasek rules. Anyone who thinks skateboarding sucks sucks.
I've been skating for about 2 years and I'm gonna try to name all the tricks I can do.
Here we go:

nollie shove-it
nollie nosetall
half-cab nosestall
fakie ollie
fakie tailstall
half-cab axle stall
f/s axle stall
b/s axle stall
f/s axle stall to frontside shove-it out
switsh ollie
switch nosestall
frontside 180
frontside 180 tailstall
backside 180
frontside half-cab
nollie backside 180
fakie kickflip
backside 180 kickflip
varial kickflip
fakie varial kickflip
360 flip
kickflip nosestall
fakie heelflip
varial heelflip
pop shove-it
pop-shove it nosestall
varial shove-it
f/s pop shove-it
f/s varial shove-it
b/s boardslide
half-cab boardslide
f/s tailslide
b/s noseslide
f/s 50-50
b/s 50-50
frontside 180 to switch 50-50
f/s 50-50 to f/s 180 out
f/s 50-50 to f/s shove-it out
nollie shove-it to nosestall
f/s noseslde
f/s 5-0
f/s 180 to 50-50 to f/s half-cab out
nosemanual to nollie shove-it
manual to shove-it
manual to kickflip
manual to ollie
manual to f/s shove-it
360 shove-it
fakie big spin
big spin
nollie heelflip
inward heelflip
backside 180 heelflip

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