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The words to some songs.

These are the songs that I wrote that I personally like or they are songs that everyone has heard. I have a lot more songs but these are the ones I liked show I just decided to show you these ones. Just keep comin' cause more are on the way. The oldest song, whoa nellie, has 2 versions, whoa nellie (edited) and whoa nellie (uncensored) The edited version was performed at my school's Talent Show in 2000. The edited version is the one that we sang at the show and the uncensored version is the original song me and my friend Travis made up. Mentality is the next "good" song that I made up. It is mainly about what I think about my life and stuff. I think it is pretty good cause it gives people a little peek inside my mind. The next "good" song after that is Conspiracy. I believe that Conspiracy is my best rap ever, but that is just my opinion. Conspiracy is kind of a sequel to Mentality cause it is mostly about this crazy and corrupted world we live in. It has some amazing rhymes and that's what I like to have in songs. I hope you like these songs as much as I do.

Mentality by rewritten (2001)

Figure out what this track's about, just wanna get the facts around
That the all life and the world are suddenly crashin' down
I'm goin' crazy and I'm suddenly laggin' now
It's like suddenly my fates gonna attack my sound
But nothing will change; this is what I choose to do
It's not like I'm usin' music to become as cruel as you
And I ain't lyin', ain't tryin to fool the dudes
That think you if you're slowin' down, then you'll neva be pullin' through
Cause I find rap rather enlightening, or that's what I like to think
Up until the point with people dislikin' me
I just do it cause I think it's right for me
And I'll get across with or without an advisory
So now take me seriously, I'm no comedian
I do this for the needy kids next door; I'm best for all the lenient
To all the people out there that are hearin' this
Nobody cares about any people like hip-hoppers or lyricists People keep makin' these fake rhymes
They should all taste mine
But no, they all diss me and always just waste time
Some think a rap video is a taped crime
And they're the crazy ones, can't they just take signs?
I have some songs that were already bitten from
Artists are doin' hit n' runs
Takin' songs that were made by rewritten's thumb
They say my songs made by my lips are dumb
Robberies! They're robbin' me, that's how they always get their fun.
Rap is original, like trapped individuals
Whose life is so bad, others think that it's so sad it's fictional
Completely subliminal, never so dimmable
Our lives are so mystical; we all might as well be invisible

Here's your invite, to give you some insight
Into the dim lights of my sick n' twisted mind
This is my mentality, - it's close to reality
Open your eyes, you'll be surprised at what inside you find

Funny that some are afraid of fate, some people live day to day
Knowin' that others are filled with rage and hate
They noticed that life could easily fade away
In the blink of an eye there can be a major plague
I can remember what people said to me
That I'm only an entity, mentally
I'm worth more when I'm dead, deceased
Why must people mess with me?
The morals are lessening,
They always desperately, attempt to be
The one who murders what's left of me
Some think the answers lie away from home
So they spend the rest of their days alone
Livin' in some imaginary safety zone
It better that the world's fate remains unknown
Some things just happen and that's the way it goes
But people say that evil always learns with age
But it gets worse when you turn the page
Some regurgitate words always concerned with race
Some people just gotta yearn for ways
To stop burnin' days, and mean the words they say
Cause some don't realize how they're affectin' this
They say we have no evidence
That passin' our message in rap ain't the less of it
Instead they have the rappers they're always messin' with
They know they have a limit and they're just testin' it
What do they need? Me, to pack my intuition and leave?
They call me the worst thing they can neva believe
Neva perceive that I could eva overachieve
Cause I can deceive them with ease and a trick up my sleeve
They know this stuff but they still laugh at me
I rap but they can't imagine me
Bein' known when good things start happening
They're not good and since I am, they keep on naggin' me
They are not even close to the real reality


(Slowly) Open your eyes and see, what is inside of me
I hope you notice that not everyone will smile to me
Now what I write in these is what my mind can think
Can you explain what's wrong and help me find the link?
Some say I'm a plague, like I'm contagious with rabies
I don't care if you hate me, you're the one who's unsaintly
I'm not perfect humanely, so you betta contain me
To say it just plainly, there ain't nothin' that's pain free
So I might as well be roughin' it, I know that I'm toughenin'
But enough is enough, I'm sick and tired of sufferin'
Now that my mind is coverin' some people are lovin' it
It's hard, but life is short, so you betta have fun with it
I'll end this track on a positive note
Like people who wanted to vote
This ain't just another worthless little song that I wrote
I can call on the smoke, like it's uncommon to quote
But anything a person says can always follow them home
I try not to make mistakes; this takes me away from the others
I don't wanna be blamed and end up runnin' for cover
No one should have guilt for life, cause that's a long time to suffer
Will life just cause me to crack or just to get tougher?
I neva wanna be seen as "rewritten the plague"
Cause when people hate you, your life just isn't the same
I don't even care if I'm ever risen to fame
Just want people to know that they're missin' the game


Conspiracy by rewritten

Makin' this rap, forsaken it acts, takin' it back
Rakin' the facts, ache in the calf, cake in a hat
Whats attackin' me? What the hecks the agony for?
I was doin' fine, but now it seems its happening more
Inconceivable, usually its peaceful up here
But now I see, a growing number of people in fear
Nobodys outside, its almost like the evils a leer
Like a magnet, the people who are feeble come near
Into the wilderness, the evil brings the children this way
No monsters, its haunted by real killers per say
This is my song and Im gonna fill it this way
You hear this rap, then your bodys goin still for the day
Completely paused, find the cause in any way possible
Really unfollowable, I make some intolerant sounds
If rap is a sin, then Im probly getting cholera now
Its not my fault that youre always getting lost in the found
You cant blame me for anything that happens to you
You got slapped, then trapped, unwrapped and then used
At least youre intact, matter-of-fact, Im rappin' the truth
Its like you got capped, turned back, then sat in abuse
False accusations, innocent on the receiving end
Considerate, deliverin' things, believing them
Pillagin illiterate guys in need of friends
Gigglin, in middle byes, neva seen again
Conspiracy, youre correctin me, fearin me intellectually
Lyrically, you expect to be, seriously youre infectin me
Hearin this you intend to be the beginning of the end
Amazingly, you have a real living to defend
What is the scheme? See in your dreams
Delirious fiends, secretly incoherent, at night, youre hearin the screams
The end, you were fearin it, period, eeriest means
Most frightening, then lightning appears in the scene
Like a mad scientist, findin this hard with remorse
Thinkin youre crazy from the lines you missed far in the course
Now all tied up, all rhymes barred at the source
But you did nothing against the law they all must enforce

(Conspiracy), not only you, see I got the dents too
(appears to be), just me and also against you
(The nearest lead), is near the beginning of the end
Go fearlessly, cause now we have a living to defend

What is this plot that you all conspire to conceal?
Would you get caught, or are you too big a liar to reveal
The information, Im patient but tired of your deals
Am I too close, Im supposed to set fire for appeal
Youre gettin' nervous, youll be hysterical when Im done
It isnt perfect; youll have to carry em just for fun
It aint concernin, secrets like Area 51
For them to crack, you just have to stare at em with a gun
They will crash, then ask em anything you wanna know
Just like a pawn for those cons, somehow geronimo
Need a bigger sauna though, some thieves just gotta go
In their office theyre coughin up files in a lotta rows
All papers covered with plans against the human race
You can learn whatever you can in all the future days
Then, slowly and quietly, theyre huntin you down
Dont even notice em, right until youre run to the ground
You have the knowledge, but youre still done with a frown
Like playin hide and seek for weeks, its fun til youre found
Then, suddenly, youre runnin free, youre spun through the town
You here sirens, then silence is one with the crowd
Youre outside, about time, thinkin reluctantly
Why were they inductin me to world it sucks to be in?
Now, can you tell me, explain what this storys message is?
Is rap good for adults or is it best for kids?
Why are some people always afraid to listen?
Do they realize the prize and the ways theyre missin?
Or do they need an increase in pay? Thats what theyre wishin
Theyre hatin, mistakin the days they need a change of mission
Well, whatever it is, its better for kids
Never within, a letter of his
The sweater assists, endeavors enlist
Whether you missed, the tethers for wrists
Im not even down with the things the leather consists
Who are you ignorin? Hopin it aint people who arent soarin
Or the people who take shelter at home, alone when its dark and pourin
You say its a person who you arent ignorin'
Is it that guy in the car or the guy before him?
Why was I chosen? Its like I was frozen in time
Anyone can notice it, knowin it shows in the rhyme
Whats with the secrets you keep, is knowin a crime?
Conspiracy, can happen, you just need to open your eyes


Whoa Nellie (2000)

My name's whoa nellie and I have a belly
I like drinkin' wine and I call it martinelli
I like eatin' puddin' and I like havin' jelly
Whooooooooaa Nellie


My name's nellie whoa and I got to go
I have a lot of friends and a big afro
I like eatin' corn and I got a lotta dough
Nelllllllllllie Whoa


I have a girl named kelly
and she's real smelly
She's not real fat
she has a small belly
she likes eatin' food from the new deli
Whooooooooooaa Nellie


Kelly is my girl and I'm about to hurl
she has a lotta friends and her nickname's curls
when I look at her my head always twirls
Whooooooooooooaa Nellie

Chorus 3x

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