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This is my skate site (if you haven't noticed).

This is just another one of my sites. I am a rapper but I'm am also a serious skateboarder. I'll try to put as much info about skateboarding and about my skateboarding career. If you are looking for info about me and my raps you are at the wrong site. This site is strictly about skateboarding. Click on the link below to go to my rap site.

My rap site

On this site, I'm gonna talk about my skateboarding career and the history of skateboarding itself. Also, I have some trick tips for you and some other useful things and info about skateboarding that you might not have known. I will try to be as accurate and specific as possible with the information that I give you on this website. If you have any suggestions or corrections that you think must be made on this website, simply click on the link below to e-mail your opinion to me. I will try to satisfy you and the rest of the skateboarding community.

E-mail me.



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