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I just changed my website from the old boring one to this one.

I am a young lyricist from Northern California. Besides rapping, I also like skateboarding, dancing, track, and, of course, women. This is my lyrics site so it'll mostly be about rap and stuff. Peace.

I hope to update this page often. Please be sure to sign the guestbook below and let me know what you think.



What's New?

Everything's new so I'm gonna tell you when new things are added to this site.


8/5/01 - I started creating this web page.
8/7/01 - Added free e-mail account system.
8/7/01 - Added chatroom.
8/7/01 - Added the message board on the "Links and Stuff" page.
8/8/01-8/14/01 - Added a lot of stuff.

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